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VIB GmbH • Project Management – Consulting Engineers

Who we are

The VIB GmbH was founded in 1977 in Bochum and since then provides independent consulting and services for public and private business contractors as well as builders and constructors.

What we do

Our project management, steering and controlling services are used to ensure the project targets, deadlines, costs as well as the technical and economical optimization of processes, regarding quality and quantity.

How we work

Project management services of VIB adopt the tasks of relieving the builder or the customer while observing and ensuring the aims of the company and the project. The task in general is to achieve the defined targets, taking economical factors into account.

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International experience. High performance standards.

Research centres • Universities

New construction of the ID/IDN-buildings at the Ruhr-University Bochum

Schools • Swimming pools • Public buildings

New construction at the Campus Scolaire, Luxembourg

Energy • Environment

New construction of a gas pipeline “GAZELLE”, Czech Republic

Project segments

Building construction
Plant construction

Steel industry

New construction of a stainless steel production line in Shanghai, China

Industrial construction

Coal injection system furnance in Linz, Austria

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Our special service: Project mediation

The road to success begins with an open communication structure.
Therefore we support all major project and construction meetings during the planning phase to achieve the necessary coordination and cooperation between the project participants.

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