Project Description

Stadt Dortmund

The renovation of three indoor swimming pools

Three indoor swimming pools were renovated by the City of Dortmund within the scope of the second economic growth package.

The principal intention was to design the swimming pools with greater energy saving capabilities.

A budgeted amount of EUR 6.7 million (gross including additional expenses) was made available for the three indoor swimming pools at ‘Scharnhorst’, ‘Nord’ and ‘Brackel’.

Apart from compliance with the budget, the most important aim was compliance with defined closing times.

In October 2009, VIB was commissioned with the project management of the renovation works of these three indoor swimming pools.

The coordination and the controlling functions were of great significance because the various works were awarded to various contractors.

The works on the swimming pools are now completed and the budget was met.

The VIB services rendered:

  • Project management of the renovation works (including the energy-saving renovation work)
  • Project monitoring

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