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Project management and technical-economical consulting

Our strategy

VIB project management services adopt the tasks of relieving the builder or the customer while observing and ensuring the aims of the company and the project.

The task in general is to achieve the defined targets, taking technical economic factors into account.

By means of integration and motivation of all service providers in the overall project team, and control of all those involved coordination targeted planning and performance is achieved.

We manage

Our project management is aimed strictly on the success of your project. We can support you in all of the following management subjects:

  • Project structuring and organisation
  • Coordination and control of all those involved
  • Management of delivery dates and costs
  • Project documentation and administration
  • Undertaking the supervision of the project and/or building

Overview of our services

Project management​

Successful project management is conditional to fundamental technical understanding, experience and competency in order to evaluate direct and indirect influences on the project and be able to make optimal decisions at the right time.

Thus the services of VIB provide a significant success factor for an integral, technical-economic, optimised solution. They support and promote those involved in the project by cooperation and by coping with complex project tasks.

Project Manager

In the course of project management, VIB performs monitoring in its project management function and represents the interests of the builder and/or the customer.

The position of the Project Manager in the company hierarchy is clearly defined. In this regard the duties, competency and scope of responsibilities of the VIB staff are clearly set out.

The VIB Project Manager accepts responsibility for a defined scope of duties and is authorised in the projects for decisions and instructions, to enable him to fulfil his obligations.

Project control/management

VIB project management services adopt the tasks of largely relieving the builder/customer, while taking into account the company and project aims. The task in general is to achieve the defined tasks with regard to technical economic factors. By means of integration and motivation of all service providers in the project team, targeted planning and performance is achieved.

The VIB scope of services in building engineering covers all services of project control/management of the “project management services in the building and real estate business” as described in the AHO Technical Commission Project Control/Project Management.

Financial controlling

The financial control of the project is part of the technical-commercial enterprise financial control with clear reference to the investment.

The aims are as follows:

  • Support for the builder/customer in the planning, steering and control tasks
  • Early recognition of deviations
  • Recommendations for corrective action

VIB provides these services with expertise in all phases of the project, in order to assure the achievement of a technical-commercially optimal project conclusion. This continues up to an optimised operation from the viewpoints of maintenance and quality assurance.

Project mediation

During the implementation of investment projects it often comes to disagreements and legal proceedings. Reason for this is the fact that large projects involve a certain amount of conflict of interests, various persons involved with different concepts and aims oppose each other, scope of action and scope of responsibilities often collide, and this usually occurs when action must be taken under high pressure of time and cost restrictions.

This is where Project mediation comes into play, in order to resolve conflicts through agreement at an early stage.


The focal points of VIB services in this field of consulting are:

  • Advice on the realisation of integral concepts of investments and production
  • Overall advice on preparation and implementation of construction and investment projects
  • Consultation on identifying suitable sites for relocations, streamlining and new production
  • Feasibility examinations
  • Weak point, risk and system analyses
  • Support in crisis situations

We provide our services in coordination with the customers and, where applicable, in cooperation with suitable planning and construction companies.

Claim management

The basis of follow-up work claims are the contractual agreements between the contracting parties.

The claim management which accompanies the project facilitates the enforcement of legitimate claims against the contractual partners, among other things, by means of continuous documentation of “faulty development” in the processing of orders.

VIB offers the following range of services:

  • Assessment of the contractual stipulations
  • Follow-up and preparation for claims
  • Follow-up and defence against claims

An objective claim management thus acts as an assurance of the project’s success and/or the order results of companies. If required, additional legal support is initiated and coordinated by VIB.

VIB claim management also provides advice and preparation for overpayment and claims for damages for medium-sized companies, which provide work and services under contract for public and private companies.

Safety and health coordination

Since the regulations of the work protection act were insufficient for the special requirements and conditions of construction work, the Federal Government introduced the so-called Construction Site Regulations in 1998. These regulations govern the implementation of an EU directive on construction work (92/57/EWG).

The special features of construction work with regard to work safety lie in the high costs and pressure of time, the often insufficient language and technical training of the workers, and at the same time ever increasing numbers of contractors working on site.

Due to the construction site regulations, the builder is burdened by the following additional obligations:

  • Notification of large building sites to the responsible authority
  • Engaging of a health and safety coordinator
  • Drawing up a health and safety plan
  • Creating documentation of the construction project

VIB, as experienced engineering office, provides all required services concerned with the construction site regulations individually or as one package.

Internet based project management

If required, an “Internet Based Project Management” can be created for all those involved in the project as project information system, plan and document management and communication system in order to assure optimum access to up-to-date planning documentation and project documents.

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